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A new, fresh, fashionable brand was created for this fashion center. Monthly eblasts are sent to the center’s database, social marketing and media were ramped up and delivered impressive results. Special events brought in the crowds and improved sales at the property.

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Facebook fans increased from 1,290 to more than 19,000, an increase of 1,324%.

Average social media reach increased from 9,000 per month to an average of 175,000 people reached per month via Facebook, an increase of 1,844%.


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Fashion's Night Out

Fashion’s Night Out delivered more than 2,500 guests.

Sales increases of 53% were reported during this event.

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Summer in Bloom

Prepare and oversee event budget, create branding for the event, coordinate with all vendors, tenants and center management, design all event exhibits and advertising, oversee implementation of entire nine-day event.

More than 3,500 guests attended this event each year.

Runway Fashion Show reinforcing The Forum’s brand as the leading fashion center in North San Diego County.

Nine-Day Live Butterfly Encounter

Nine-Day Makers’ Market

Complimentary Craft Classes for adults and children.

Fashion Week special offers from Forum merchants.

Host Influencer pre-party and consumer after parties in key stores.

Design and Create Instagram Photo Ops

Oversee Social Media

Create 300 Swag Bags for influencers and guests.

Sales increases of up to 70% in 2021.

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eBlast Marketing

Event Website

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Lighting of The Forum

Annual lighting of the Christmas tree and Santa’s arrival. The event includes a live holiday stage show, Santa’s arrival,
a laser and LED light show, magical snowfall, complimentary refreshments, prize drawings, letters to Santa for children.

Prepare and oversee event budget, create branding for the event, coordinate with all vendors, tenants and center management, design all event exhibits and advertising, oversee implementation of the event, book talent, oversee rentals.

Approximately 3,000 guests attend this event annually.

Prepare media plan and purchase media.

Oversee social media.

Prepare and send eblasts to email database.

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Ranch and Coast Magazine Ad

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Event eBlast


Visits with Santa in His Secret Garden

Because The Forum does not have a common area, a small parking area was allocated for event space.

A garden was created for Visits With Santa and visits increased from 25-30 families per day to more than 250 per day. The Forum hosted more than 3,500 guests visiting Santa in 2020 and 2021 on three weekends in December.

Prepare branding for event, design event space, book entertainers, oversee setup, introduce new reservations system at the center for visits, oversee staffers.

Create all advertising, prepare eblasts sent to email database, oversee social media.

Prepare event schedule, interface with center management and all vendors.

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Ranch and Coast Magazine Ad

FO211122 Letters to Santa 22x28 Poster.jpg

Letters to Santa Poster

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Event eBlast

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Letters to Santa Blank

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Winter WonderLights

In order to increase traffic during December, a laser and LED light show with magical snowfall were held every Friday and Saturday night on two weekends.

Approximately 750 guests attended this event each night.

Included branding for the event, advertising, social media, eblasts to the email database and booking all talent.

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Ranch and Coast Magazine Ad

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Event eBlast

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Art, Rhythm & Wine Festival

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Print Ad

Print Ad

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FORUM Art Rhythm & Wine Festival Website.png

Event Website


All merchants are contacted every month to obtain their special offers and in-store events. A monthly eblast featuring these is sent to the email database

Solo eblasts are sent for store grand openings or special key events or promotions

Merchants are all contacted for participation in center events. Special offers are collected for Black Friday, spring, holiday and special sale events. Offers are included on the center website, in eblasts and on event collateral

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Monthly Center eBlasts for Tenant Offers

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Solo eBlast for Tenant Grand Opening